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$20 diy baby mobile

$20 diy baby mobile


Well I'm officially kicking off our nursery projects with a quick little diy mobile to hang above the babies' crib.. because obviously I can't transform a single room without a list of diys. This one is one of the easier projects that we had on the list. I was inspired by some fun mobiles on pinterest, as well as our own ribbon wall art! 


To start, I decided to take a trip to Michael's to look at what inspired me, and I found quite a few ribbon options. Let me also caveat this by saying the options for a girls mobile are sooooo cute, but there were enough options that I thought would translate well to a boys mobile as well. Here's what I ended up buying:  

bamboo hoop - $1.79

ribbon -  $19.97, plus an additional 20% off = $15.98

total -  $19.13

Next up, I separated the two pieces of wood for the bamboo hoop, and kept the one that was a full circle (i.e. the one without the hardware). Next up, I quickly stained the wood with a Minwax stain in sunbleach. I debated between an antique whitewash stain and the wood colored, but picked the one that I thought would best match the rest of the room. Use your creative license on this! 

While the wood dried, I quickly made some tassels with string I had leftover from our wall art, since I wasn't able to find any at the craft store. I wrapped the string around my hand several times (20-30), until I got the thickness I wanted for the tassel. Then I stuck the rope through the top & flipped over the tassel, fastening with a clear rubber band. I cut the bottom of the tassel strings so they were no longer in a circle & smoothed out the tassel's top to fully cover the rope. 


After the wood had dried, I laid out the ribbon to see how the patterns worked together and then started to cut the ribbon into varying length strips.  


My strips varied in length from 24-30" because I wanted to double up the ribbon, and I decided to repeat the pattern 3 times around the circle.


Finally, I fastened the ribbon by simply tying in a "necktie" fashion to the top, and added a string to hang it from the ceiling. 45 minutes later & I was done with this diy - quick, easy, and exactly what I wanted for the nursery! 

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