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shelf styling

shelf styling

we curated our built-ins with new and old items that all have a special meaning

Our little old home in the city has many cute storage features. I love the look of built in shelves and it’s been so fun to play around with styling ours, including all of our sentimental knick knacks and items we’ve been collecting together. Our decorated shelves hold memories, remind us of our travels, and are filled with items that we love.

a few views of our shelves. faux flowers {pottery barn} / custom house potrait {minted} / seal ceramic figurine {jonathan adler, no longer available} / "A" monogram letter {anthropologie, no longer available} / "styled" by emily henderson {amazon} / "elements of style" by erin gates {amazon} / "living with pattern" by rebecca atwood {amazon} / "the meaning of home" by jeffrey allan marks {amazon} / all other items are found and vintage one-of-a-kind finds

That being said, there is a bit of a formula at work here. A mixture of piece types helps create a balance, no matter what your color theme, personal aesthetic, or story is. Below is our list of essentials for a well-rounded "shelfie":

  1. Books (obviously). These are book shelves after all, and certainly what the built-ins were originally crafted for over a hundred years ago. We have a mix of vintage books as well as some home books I’ve been collecting and love having access to (not to mention they look VERY lovely on a shelf)

  2. ...And book ends. I found ours at a local boutique, and they are simple solid wood.

  3. Framed photos / art. We are still thinking of incorporating photos of us, but for now have a cute print of our home from Minted, and some other meaningful art that fit nicely on the shelf space.

  4. Natural elements. This can range from fresh flowers (or faux flowers, like ours from PB) and plants, to crystals (my favorite), and other found items. We have an awesome chunk of burl wood I bought at my company’s warehouse sale and it’s one of my favorite items.

  5. Personal touches. I added monograms of each of our names. We have a few pieces we bought together like the “Anything is possible with love” print, and the Jonathan Adler seal figurine (reminding us of the SF Giants mascot)

  6. One-of-a-kind objects. We have more of these finds than we can count, but we both love thrift and antique shopping and have found some pretty special items. The vintage carved Japanese bear figurine is probably our favorite.

Below I curated a gallery of some of my favorite shelfies. For those who want to go down a decor rabbit hole, check out my decor: shelf vignettes Pinterest page

all photos via pinterest

What are your "shelfie" essentials and styling tips?

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