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backyard renovation

backyard renovation

We absolutely love to have people over for entertaining, and eichlers are known to integrate the indoors with the outdoors. Of course, then, we wanted to capitalize on the outdoor living space as an extension of our living room and kitchen area, so we've been slowly renovating and designing the outdoors to be a great entertaining space. It's still a work in progress, but it's definitely coming along! 

First up, we decided on replacing the outdated fence that didn't match the style of the house. It was a cheaply made fence that was painted farmhouse red for some reason. Since the house is midcentury modern, we opted to replace it with a more modern style.

My father & husband built the fence together - which ended up being a much bigger project than anticipated! Kevin loves to joke that he didn't build a fence - he built an art piece, which is definitely true. No matter how many times he argues that he doesn't work well with wood, I absolutely love the finishing piece.

We started with digging up the random tanbarked area to lay down astroturf underneath what would become our outdoor dining area. I wanted the area to be low maintenance, but soft on bare feet. Who knew this would become a multiple weekend project? I love to compare our astroturf area a seven layer bean dip, since we laid several different layers of baserock, granite, sand.. you get the picture! 

We have some great water-tolerant bushes in the front of our house that decided to reproduce & give us these baby bushes - which was great, since these suckers are $40 a pop at the nursery! We're waiting for them to grow in further before we put down black rocks overtop of the dirt to give it a modern, finished look. 

Next, we designated a place to hang my favorite hammock swing, which I picked up when we were in mexico. I wanted to add a fun, textural element to the space and this helped achieve that vision.

It's now my favorite place to sit during a nice warm summer day with a favorite book. 

And of course, we needed a comfortable seating area & I found a great sectional couch on wayfair at the end of the season for a great price. While I love neutrals in the inside of our house, pops of color stand out well against the natural landscaping, so I added toss pillows with bright blues. Add in a great rug from home goods, completed the outdoor living room.

Dodger insisted on modeling for this photo.. needless to say, he loves the new rug as much as I do. And the couch, which he is not supposed to be enjoying! 

Our eichler is from the 50s, so lighting was not a priority for this time period. Like in the interior, we have to be creative on lighting for outside. We also have a little bistro set for additional seating & I wanted to add some lighting above it, so I found some great, copper lanterns at home goods that we decided to hang from the rafters above. I'll add in some battery operated candles, and hey, we have mood lighting. 

Hanging these little lanterns took us almost an entire rainy day since we decided on using rope & had to decide on how we wanted to tie the ends of the rope off. We decided on some tight twine & a dap of hot glue (don't worry, we pulled & pulled on it to make sure these little guys would fall off). 

Next up, I'm planning on adding some tall planters to separate the space between the dining table & the couch area, we'd love to eventually build a firepit, and add some great string lights across the dining room (i.e. figure out how to get power to the yard). Slowly, but surely, our little backyard is coming together.. and just in time for some summer entertaining!  

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