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whole 30 : the basics

whole 30 : the basics

Well we're officially into January (and I'm no longer traveling for work), so I guess it's time to start goal #1 : feel fit & healthy. This isn't the first time we've done Whole30 - it's probably the third or fourth - and I remember how hard the first time felt! Reading all of the labels, learning what has sugar in it (almost everything) vs. what doesn't.. So I thought I'd share a couple of our tricks, including brands, substitutes, cooking references, etc..

First up, there are two books that were our go-to's: Whole30 (probably no surprise, haha) & Nom Nom Paleo. The Whole30 book is a great base for understanding the foundation of the elimination diet. The goal of whole30 is to eliminate food groups that people tend to wreak havoc on our bodies, although the books goes into depth on how & why. Here's the simple list: 

  1. no grains or gluten (that includes quinoa)
  2. no legumes (including peanuts) or soy
  3. no corn (including corn flour)
  4. no sugar added (fruit juice is ok..)
  5. no dairy
  6. no carrageenan (found in some almond milks), msg, or added sulfites
  7. no alcohol

The author of nom nom paleo also has a great website with recipes & an inspirational instagram. 

Here is our list of favorite substitutes: 

Let's get saucy:

  • butter -> ghee; found at trader joe's (& cheap!) or whole foods ($$$)
  • sriracha -> chalula (yes, sriracha has sugar in it) 
  • soy sauce -> coconut aminos; found at whole foods & nob hill  
  • fish sauce -> red boat is a great gluten free option; found at whole foods & nob hill
  • ketchup -> nothing, seriously. let's just say sugarless ketchup is just tomato paste. yuck. 
  • mayo -> lemonaise (so good, but does contain canola oil which should be used in moderation) or primal mayo (made w/ avocado oil); both available at whole foods 

Give me carbs:

  • rice / grains -> cauliflower rice; found at trader joe's in the freezer section
  • pasta -> zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash
  • tortilla chips -> baked sweet potato chips or plantains; homemade or found at trader joe's
  • sandwich bread / buns -> lettuce wraps
  • pizza dough -> portobello mushroom cups
  • toast -> sweet potato toasts, like these

Breakfast is hard:

  • whole 30 approved breakfast bars : rx bars (trader joe's & whole foods carry now), most lara bars (cashew cookie, lemon bar, coconut cream..) 
  • chia pudding : this quick recipe only takes a couple minutes to make & is great with fresh fruit the entire week!
  • hard-boiled eggs w/ avocado
  • paleo bacon : wellshire farms; found at whole foods
  • yogurt & fresh fruit : kite hill; found at whole foods

Dairy is my weakness:

  • ricotta : macadamia nut ricotta by nom nom paleo is awesome (only available in the cookbook)
  • cheese (goat cheese & brie replacements) : kite hill; found at whole foods
  • cashew cheese (creamy) : the cultured kitchen; found at whole foods
  • yogurt : kite hill; found at whole foods

Snacks are my life:

  • beef jerky : epic; whole foods & nob hill
  • almond dip & carrots : la onda (this is for my hummus fix); found at whole foods
  • raw nuts : keep these on hand at all times
  • almond/cashew butter & fruit

That's the basics. Do you have any tips & tricks for surviving whole30? We'd love to hear them!  



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