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diy : reclaimed wood sofa table

diy : reclaimed wood sofa table

I love how this table turned out - it's rustic, but still has clean lines that match with the style of our home.

I'm a big fan of sofa tables behind the couch - whether the couch is against a wall or in the middle of the floor, they add a great design element. We have a very long, but narrow living room. Our couch was against the wall, but felt too far away from the coffee table & chairs, so I decided I wanted a sofa table. I started looking online, but sofa tables are expensive! And most are so short, that you would need two behind our couch, so I decided I needed to build one. Building this also allowed me to design it myself, since I typically have an idea in my head of what I want. 

First, I enlisted the help of my brother. We drove out to a reclaimed lumber yard in Berkley - The Lumber Baron.  My couch is 104" long, so I was looking for something about the same length. It took a little while to walk through the yard and find a piece that was both long enough & had the character I was looking for. In the end, I found this amazing 98x14" piece from an old winery. I loved the staining.  

Isn't this piece of wood just stunning? I love the character.. and the story of it, particularly because we were married in a winery and absolutely love wine country.

Next up came the cleaning & finishing coat. Reclaimed wood yards tend to sell wood that has already been treated for bugs and all of those icky things that you wouldn't want to hatch in your table. If you are using lumber from an old barn, do some research on treating it first. I scrubbed the wood with some soap & water, removed splinters, and sanded it down slightly - being careful to not sand out the character of the wood. I wanted a very raw finish, so I opted for a polycrylic spray by minwax. I sprayed the table generously twice. 

I love the raw finish on this reclaimed wood. If you are looking for something that protects against splinters, however, you will want to use a wax instead.

Finally, I was ready to add the legs. Our couch was about 31" tall, and I wanted the table to come up about an inch below the top of the couch. I found these fantastic, raw metal legs on etsy. The legs are 28" high, and with the additional 2" thickness from the wood, the table would come up just below the sofa table as planned.

I love simple raw metal legs. They tie well with reclaimed wood.

Now, my husband and brother (i.e. the mechanic and the engineer..) decided it would be best to weld straps on the top of the legs to add additional support from wobbling. They then drilled pilot holes into the wood, followed by drilling the legs into the table. 

This reclaimed piece of wood added 14" of depth behind our couch, which was amazing. 

Finally the table was ready to be put behind the couch & decorated! <enter squealing for excitement > In the end, it gave me exactly what I was looking for - pulling the couch closer to the coffee table and shortening the long room. And I absolutely love the reclaimed design. 

I added a tall vase from target (similar) with faux cherry blossom from magnola market to add height to the space. My husband found this old strong box at an auction, and immediately scooped it up for me. I added a couple of rolled up paintings that I picked up on my travels to cambodia and india. 

Have you built or designed anything that you absolutely love?

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